Welcome to the Minnesota Chapter of The American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work.

AAPCSW MN is open to all clinical social workers who wish to support our aims and purposes. Our members include agency practitioners, private practitioners, psychoanalysts, and psychoanalytically or psychodynamically oriented psychotherapists. Further, AAPCSW membership is open to all mental health disciplines who share in the commitment to psychoanalytic and psychodynamic practice and research.

Tributes to Betsy Horton

The name Betsy Horton is synonymous with the very best in clinical social work. When Betsy told us last month the radiation to her liver cancer she’d hoped could allow her to live another year was ineffective and she was moving to hospice care, we wanted to be able to celebrate with her–while she was still with us… read more.


April 2, 2016

Obstructive and Welcoming Connections
Minikahda Country Club
9.00 – noon

Every group has a potential wealth of experience and creativity to draw upon. Mr Eaton hopes to create space to think and reflect about significant aspects of the psychoanalytic process. His format emphasizes discussion, questioning, and dialogue as well as formal presentations. His hope is to engage the group in dialogue and discovery.

April 3, 2016

How Child Therapy Works
PrairieCare Conference Center | Burch Building
9.30 – Noon

This presentation and discussion will address the question: How does child psychotherapy work? We will explore basic Kleinian ideas in order to understand one approach to help children through psychoanalytic play.


Contact Bev Caruso for registration: bevcaruso@gmail.com